By all measures, 2018 was a tough year for GCIR and for every organization working on immigration. The federal administration continued its campaign against immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers at our borders and in our communities.

Driven by racism, xenophobia, and hate, the administration’s policies have sought to alter the face of our nation, dismantle our historical role as a beacon of hope and land of refuge, and undermine our pluralistic democracy. In response, GCIR mounted an all-out effort to galvanize philanthropic response.


  • We provided consultation to 75 foundations that deployed more than $15 million to address family separation.
  • We organized a campaign, partnering with Northern California Grantmakers, that resulted in 67 philanthropic institutions submitting comments to the proposed public charge rule.
  • We mobilized California funders to support a fair and accurate 2020 census count.
  • We strategized with funders on refugees and asylum seekers, criminalization of immigrants, and secondary trauma for service providers.

Read the GCIR 2018 Annual Report to learn more about GCIR’s efforts to inform, connect, and catalyze philanthropy, focusing on the most urgent issues facing immigrant families and communities while looking ahead to developing a powerful affirmative vision to guide philanthropic leadership and investment for the next ten years.

Read the full report by clicking on the source site here.

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