Today, Governor Gavin Newsom proposed a $222 billion spending plan for 2020-21. The California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) applauds the Governor for prioritizing important investments in immigrant communities, including expanding access to health care to seniors regardless of status, investments in workforce development, skills training and higher education, as well as support for DACA grantees in community colleges and universities and refugee families throughout the state. 

As a co-sponsor for budget and legislative investments in Medi-Cal expansion for everyone, CIPC is excited and encouraged that Governor Newsom is expanding health access to our seniors, regardless of status, continuing the progress we have seen in the Health4All campaign over the past five years. This historic $80.5 million investment will ensure that nearly 27,000 low-income seniors—and their families and communities—can thrive.

“We applaud the Governor for including all seniors- regardless of immigration status, as part of his proposed January budget. As we continue to fight for health care coverage for every Californian, we commend this crucial and powerful step to care for our undocumented seniors who have made significant contributions to our Golden State and deserve to age with dignity,” said Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center.

However, with the growing wealth disparity and instability in global markets, the Governor’s decision to leave ITIN filers and access to the CalEITC from his budget again this year is a missed opportunity. CIPC remains committed to supporting this initiative by working with legislators and the Governor for the May budget revise.

“It is unfortunate that the Governor left out the California Earned Income Tax Credit from his budget today,” said Cynthia Buiza, Executive Director of the California Immigrant Policy Center.

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