More minority babies are being born in the country today than ever before. In San Francisco — a city where the majority of residents are people of color — about half of the babies born in 2013 were of Asian or Hispanic descent. These babies keep adding to the diversity of our country.

By Jaya Padmanabhan

William Frey, author of the book, “Diversity Explosion,” says that this growing youthful diversity in our country adds youth and vitality to this country’s neighborhoods, “which will pay important dividends to our labor force and, just in general, vitality as a country.”

To add to this youthful diversity, even among millennials, a good thirty percent nationally have ethnic heritage and most foreign-born immigrants coming to America are between the ages of 25 to 49.

This means that as white America ages, an America of color is coming of age.

Besides age, immigration and ethnic trends show there’s another shift that’s occurring.

Examining 2010 to 2017 census data, Frey found that the number of foreign-born residents in the nation is the highest it has ever been in over a century. At 13.7 percent of the population, or 44.5 million people, immigrant faces are no longer a novelty even in hitherto homogenous bastions of the deep South.

It emerged from Frey’s analysis that there are more Asians entering the country than Latinos.

It’s interesting to note that the nation is heading toward reflecting San Francisco’s cultural cocktail, where the Chinese are the largest ethnic minority. The 2015 census estimates put Asians at 35.3 percent of The City up from 32.6 percent from 10 years ago. And Chinese are at 21.4 percent.

Prior to 2010, Mexico was the single largest country of origin for immigrants in the nation. Since 2010, however, the number of immigrants from China and India have surged and outpaced the flow of those from Mexico and other Central and Latin American countries. In 2016, India was the leading contributor of immigrants.

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