Caceelia, a Karen refugee living in Minnesota, talks about life in Thai refugee camps and resettling in the United States. (in English)

About Immigrant Stories

Immigrant Stories helps people tell, share, and preserve personal and family immigration stories. Use this website and create a digital story: a 3-5 minute video made from your own photos, text, and audio.

You tell your own story in your own words. Simply follow our instructions and video tutorials. We’ll show you how to write a story, record a voiceover, and put your video together.

Immigrant Stories is run by the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC), where we’ve studied immigration for over fifty years. We share and preserve these digital stories for future generations through the IHRC Archives and the Digital Public Library of America. We created this website with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

About Immigrant Stories

Immigrant Stories is a research and archiving project run by the Immigration History Research Center (IHRC) at the University of Minnesota. Immigrant Stories helps immigrants, refugees, and their family members create digital stories: brief videos with images, text, and audio about a personal experience.

The IHRC has supported teaching and research about immigration since 1965. Our partner, the IHRC Archives, is North America’s largest archive of immigrant life. The IHRC Archives will professionally preserve all Immigrant Stories, ensuring that students, researchers, and the public will be able to watch these videos decades from now.

This project defines “immigrant” broadly. Our collection contains digital stories from people living outside their country of birth as well as stories created by their children and grandchildren.

See all videos in the Immigrant Stories collection.

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