Members of the Bay Area Border Relief of San Francisco travel to the Gateway International Bridge to raise national awareness to the Remain in Mexico Policy, also known as Migrant Protection Protocols. This is the 6th time the group visits from California since the announcement of family separation policies in 2018.

by Alfredo Cuadros

Now, they say that the cases may be outside of public view, but not forgotten.

Lilli Rey, Bay Area Border Relief, “Mostly we’re just trying to bring love and care. Mostly we want to show them that there are hearts, there are people over here that really, really care about them. We don’t view them all things that our press likes to view them as. They’re not rapists and murderers, they’re people that want a better life.”

The Department of Homeland Security implemented MPP to deter fraudulent asylum claims and discouraging illegal entry into the country. The agency also claims the sudden spike of asylum claims has put a heavy strain on the American immigration system, stating judges would need to process 30,000 cases a month to be able to keep up with the current backlog.

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