The analysis was exclusively reported on by Esther Cepeda of The Washington Post Writers Group. The United States is undergoing demographic changes that continue to reshape entire communities, but little attention has so far been paid to how this impacts rural communities. 

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Washington, D.C. —  A new Center for American Progress analysis provides a more complete narrative of immigrants in rural America, detailing the many positive roles they are playing in reviving, growing, and sustaining rural communities and how rural communities have responded differently to these demographic changes.

The report illustrates the geography of population growth or decline in rural communities, paying close attention to changes in the immigrant population. It is followed by a discussion of how immigrants can help to mitigate the side effects of population decline and aging, often leading communities to prosperity. The report focuses on the economic contributions of immigrants to various industries in rural communities as well as strategies that communities have utilized to help integrate residents and newcomers.

Continue reading the findings by clicking here.

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