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“I was born in Tepic in the state of Nayarit in Mexico. I have immigrated to the US when I was one year old with my mother. I want to vote and make a change in this country. Got fingerprints waiting for an interview. My case was not difficult. I heard about the workshop through Facebook.

My mom became a citizen before me but we didn’t reach the time limit for her to become a citizen before I turned 18, so I was looking for help for myself. The citizenship application itself is very confusing and I didn’t want to write something wrong and then make it look suspicious or something.

Having the attorneys there to help me fill it out the application, it took a really big weight off my shoulders. If I had to fill out the form on my own I would have put it off, and put it off, then I would have done it the last minute. What stood out for me was that the lawyers are actually there in person.

I definitely would recommend workshops to other people.

When we were first filing for our green cards we didn’t have that much help from the lawyer we had hired. But now with these workshops, you are not paying a dime and you have people who come and want to help you. The help that they give is so generous and it just makes you feel that there are people who want to help you. That just made me feel better and safe. The process was pretty straightforward and everybody was really easy to talk to. I had an easy time understanding everything because you have your bilingual assistance for the people who cannot speak English there are always volunteers who can help”.


“I was born in Michoacán, Mexico. I came here on a tourist visa with my family. Citizenship will give me the right to vote and all the benefits which come with it.

My case was pretty easy because I came here on a visa – everything went well. We received a number to come to an orientation and then we filed the application.

I came to the workshop because there were so many questions on the application. I liked the workshop because I was able to communicate in Spanish, they answered all of my questions and had much patience because I forgot my to bring my green card, but they still waited for me. Everything went well because they were very specific and clear, they answered all of our questions”.


“I was born in Nejapa in El Salvador. I came to the US alone. I applied and want to become a citizen to take advantage of the benefits that come with the citizenship and to be able to visit my country of origin.

They helped me greatly to fill out the paperwork at the workshop. At the workshop they helped me greatly to reduce the cost of the application, they gave me much information and had many attorneys available there to guide us. There were many people at the event and we have left at 3:00 in the afternoon. I did not expect so many people at the event but the event was well organized. It was an interesting experience”.


Journey to Immigration

A resource guide for the planning and execution of citizenship workshops in your community.  To provide immigration support for residents of all status levels while ensuring smooth operation for attendees, volunteers, and staff.

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